Room For One More
by Brittany Greatbear and Team Otter

Volume Two: 'Seven Warlords And A Baby'

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(309) War Of The Words
"Couldn't I have been given somebody's lucky bazooka?"
Another wrong turning drops Fnaire into a turmoil of fuzzy fairies, beligerant bugs, six strangely familiar winged warlords and a vast inventory of vexing verbiage. Anything can happen in a dream, right? ....Right?

(370) Red
"We're gonna get letters about THIS."
Chanelle Skunk just wants to be happy with her unusual choice of boyfriend. But when a grim discovery at the hospital turns their lives upside-down, it will take luck, faith, true friendship and even magic to solve paradoxes, moral dilemmas and the law, in a trek between continents to save one precious life.

(496) Primal In-Stinked
"Now I smell like... cappucino and roaches?"
A simple lecture about fur threatens to becomes much more earthy and widespread when contaminated with a most peculiar fragrance.

(516) Return Of The Killer Pot Roast
"How were they ever alive enough to become undead in the first place?"
It's back, and it's brought company. Sarge, look! Fahhhhsands of 'em!

(527) Jim's Seal Is Fated
"Since when do aardvarks wear underpants?"
Jim Fluffle finds out exactly what his Homonymia coat is intended for when the adoption agent calls. Taking it off again however is going to pose a problem, unless they can deliver it - and Jim - back to its original owner.

(573) The Mokolove Bug
"Mbaya! Mbaya! Mbaya sana!"
Love can move mountains, provided the personal ad doesn't get screwed up. Fnaire and Chairty indulge in some impromptu matchmaking with an improbable African visitor.

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