Room For One More
by Brittany Greatbear and Team Otter

Volume One: 'Attack Of The Killer Pot Roast'

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(001) Welcome To The Madhouse
"Oh yeah, they're my kind of people."
Unicorns, closet monsters, tongue-tying, posterior decorating and panic with the plumbing; all part of the daily routine at 86711 Prospect Boulevard.

(040) When Dinosaurs Fooled The Earth
"Look, Hoots! More mammals!"
Lost during a game of planes, Aroma discovers a forgotten area of the house where local customs are not merely old-fashioned, but positively prehistoric.

(062) Epiphfnox
"It's REAL cute the way he drinks from the toilet."
Fnaire's younger brother comes to visit, and with surprise presents and family stories helps make Christmas one to remember.

(096) Down To Business
"I see virtual living rooms for beautiful baby toons."
Fnaire and company seek enlist some unusual help with a college assignment, while Frye reveals hidden depths to her checkbook.

(111) Friends, Family And Finality
"How often do you find NICE billionaires?"
Frye recounted inheritance is unexpectedly contested, and a question of purpose leaves her obsessed with mortality. It's up to the others to provide some much-needed life encouragement - if they can figure out where she's gone.

(151) The Fur Flies At Midnight
"I don't have a tail to put in!"
Linda takes a lesson in being careful what she wishes for. Luckily, compromise isn't far behind.

(169) Charity Ends At Home
"You're going to be one rich cobra, Clarice."
Hospitality knows no boundaries where 45 billion dollars are concerned. Unfortunately, neither does audacity. But who has the real motive?

(201) Jackboot And Jackass
"I wondered when the self-folding pants would come in."
Ugly scenes are set to arise when the human supremacist society resorts to indiscriminate methods to spread their message - and it's going to get uglier still, when innermost secrets are revealed.

(262) Once Bitten
"That's not Heaven up there, is it?"
Strange makeovers and a misplaced bowl of fur soup result in a near-death experience, and re-evaluation of Charity's life.

(290) Boyle's Law
"I was homely, he was unattainable. It was a perfect match."
If the world wasn't assymetrical, Aurora and Boyle would never have met, and life would be so much more dull.

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