Fnaire Antbear
Raised in South Africa by South American parents, Fnaire is a rare Giant Anteater who moved to the U.S. to go to school, She a very well-rounded individual making her one of the few people who is capable of living as Frye's and Aroma's roommate. She's very spiritual, highly athletic, and has a preternaturally long tongue, reaching over 9 feet when last measured.

Frye Opposum
Once a poor opossum who worked as a closet monster, Frye inherited a mansion and a fortune from her crazy uncle Ned, who incorporated all of his eccentricity into the interior design. With the freedom to do what she wants, Frye now works as the neighborhood babysitter. She also runs charities, owns a clothing factory in Antarctica, and rents rooms to college students.

Aroma Skunk
Aroma is a native born Coloradan and thinks of herself as the normal one. In this, she is alone. Aroma is still just a big kid; she loves Transformers and can never sleep on Christmas Eve. She also loves to cook, but doesn't do it very well. Aroma's true forte is interior decorating, and she runs a decorating business out of the house.

Terry Vark
Boyfriend of Fnaire, Terry is an independent spirit, doing things like wearing a tree on his bum to protest deforestation or spending a semester in Antarctica without telling anyone. He's a fearless soul who would give up his own nose to help a friend.

Charles Perkins
Charles is a Kentucky Raccoon with a cynical, almost haughty air, but a helpful personality. He becomes almost giddy in the presence of good-hearted people. This is why he has fallen desperately in love with Frye because she lacks the selfish attitude often found in the rich. Charles is also a wiz on any computer.

Hoots Parasaur
The parasaur discovered living in the attic, Hoots now works as Frye's cook. He's an easy-going, jovial sort who likes to make insightful commentaries about things that happen in life. Hoots has the hots for Mokie, not realizing that his cleanliness and slightly effeminate nature turns her completely off.

Gronk Steggy
Sweet and innocent, Gronk is a powerfully built stegosaurus who lives in the attic with his best friend Hoots, and mostly just tries to stay out of everyone's way. Gronk has a terrific green thumb (literally) and works as the gardener, and is responsible for the cement forest on Ross Island.

Mokele "Mokie" Mamambe
A new arrival at the mansion, this legendary African cryptid came to America in search of true love. Now she is Hoots' girlfriend, despite the fact that she really likes Gronk... who entirely failed to notice.

Adonis Leonine
A drop-dead gorgeous male lion whom all the girls adore, but has become Aroma's prize catch. Adonis wants to be appreciated for who he is on the inside, and thus goes to great lengths to disprove the clice that beauty is only skin-deep, being caring, helpful, brave and upright.

Jon-Jon Smith
Although socially inept and a little sexist, for which he's been derided several times, Jon-Jon always comes through in a pinch. He's the foreman of the clothing factory of Antarctica and loves to sew, though he will never admit it willingly.

Ellipses Manzanec
Elipses is a talented mongoose contortionist, and loves nothing better than to torque-off the dance teacher by doing some dance move with his leg where his head should be. He does strenuous feminine activities such as dance and cheerleading just to prove that a boy can do anything a girl can do (within reason).

Jon, the Wide-Eyed Krupp Monster
Jon Krupp works for ACME, 'American Closet Monster Enterprises', a service-oriented company which teaches foolhardy mortal children a healthy respect for danger. Their work also includes the NightMare division and Jon's area of expertise, terrorizing poachers. Jon is Frye's ex-partner, and pops in when anything threatens her.

Glorb is the mansion's assigned closet monster, who also works on occasion with Jon. He is sweet natured and doesn't scare very well, so Frye makes him look good in exchange for help with babysitting. His main talent is light absorption, making him totally black and invisible in dim light.

George and Kodo Dragon
George (the elder, hungry one) and Kodo (the younger, cautious one with hair) live in the mansion and earn their keep by attempting keeping the unicorn population under control.

Bo Riverton
One of Aroma's favorite clients, Bo is a penguin architect who is totally dedicated to his wife Mim and Son Mirth.

Mim Riverton
Bo's wife, Mirth's mother, Mim the suger glider is the quiet type and owner of a house that is constantly in need of redecoration. Mim also likes to experiment with fur dye and change her markings every now and again.

Boyle Opposum
Frye's only living relative, Boyle is a backwater redneck and likes it that way. He prefers to live in the tree in the front yard, and despite being half-owner of the Opossum family fortune and an international restaurant chain, enjoys eating garbage.

Aurora Opposum
A little anteater who is married to Boyle Opossum and coincidentally, is one of Fnaire's distant relatives. Aroura has a tough independant streak, but she don't speak el English too bueno.

Fnox Antbear
Fnaire's autistic younger brother is, sadly, not as well-developed as the rest of the family and, amongst other traits, still tends to walk on all fours. Underneath however, there is still a rational mind and a strong compassionate family bond.

Charity O'Porpoise
Although jovial on the surface, Charity has sufered tragedy in her life, losing both parents to abject poverty through the machinations of Rudy Marquette. She attempted to steal Frye's fortune and landed herself in jail, but the two have reconciled. Charity runs all of the Opossum family's charitable trusts, and also works as a Swahili translator for Mokie. Needing to keep her skin constantly wet, Charity uses a wheelchair equipped with a tub and shower.

Clarice Pentine
Once an employee and friend of crazy Ned Opossum, she worked in the mall Ned had built in the basement of his mansion, after Ned rescued her from captivity. Clarice still lives in the mall and never passes up an oportunity to make an honest - if occasionally vicious - buck.

Rudy Marquette
Though he disguised himself as a human and was a member of a human supremecy group, Rudy was revealed to be a surgically altered donkey. Before taking over a construction company, he used to work in an antivenom farm with Clarice, and he's still plenty full of venom. Rudy is now in prison, back in his donkey form, and continues to hate the world. One deranged villian.

The Girls' Football Team
It all started when Adonis went out for football. Every girl in the school wanted a chance to tackle him. So well, they did, that the coach kept the good ones, mostly Fnaire's classmate gal-pals. In the off-season, they play for charity benefit games.

The Coach
Never actually named, Coach is a shallow individual who deosn't really care about anything but winning at football.

Somecat Fyffe
The football coach's assistant and permanent fixture on the football team at CCC, Somecat thanklessly labors tirelessly on behalf of the girls' football team.

Professor Bohreng
The one professor everyone seems to get for at least one class every semester, Bohreng has a way of taking things that are difficult to learn and making them totally dry.

Taylor and Gracie Sea-Otter
Very nearly evicted from their home at the Denver Aquarium, Taylor and Gracie were the lucky recipients of two billion dollars of Frye's money, which they used to get the aquarium out of debt.

Squeaker Mouse
Squeaker is one of Frye's favorite kids to babysit. She loves to ride in Frye's pouch, and does friendly things like make cookies out of lego and distribute them for snacktime.

Linda, Pei and Ozzie
A group of close friends also frequently in Frye's care. Linda often feels out of place because of her lack of fur, so she sometimes puts on a weasel costume when playing with the other children. Pei is a cute, friendly, philosophical panda, Oz is a fun-loving otter that often gets the trio into trouble.

Mr. and Mrs. Panda
Pei's parents have only appeared once so far, leaving on their second honeymoon, and inadvertantly demonstrating the phenomenal power of panda pheremones.

Edie The Furry Fairy
Edie has the rather unusual job of granting transformation-related wishes. She's also a friend of Frye from her days working as a monster. A friend of Frye's since their time together in the monster's union, Florence teaches children to love who they are by showing them that what you are isn't as important as who.

Jim, Chanelle and Red Fluffle
Aroma's sister, Chanelle, fell in love with Jim at a college for webtoons. Things happened quickly after that; before long they were temporary fugitives when they rescued Red from the hospital, were married in McMurdo, Antarctica, and adopted Red once all the crises had been resolved. Now a proper family, another unexpected but welcome addition happens to be on the way.

Jasmond Jastonovich, MD
As Chanelle's GP, she also works as a fertility doctor. She is single-minded in her work and clinical in her efficiency. Her cold glossing over of the less pleasant aspects of her profession is a thin veneer hiding a deeper emotional crisis. Until she learns to come to terms with herself, this makes her a particular target of the night-mares.

The Night-Mares
The Night-Mares have a very special function. They modify the behavior of naughty mortals by delivering carefully coreographed bad dreams by telepathic transmission. Dr. Jas is a favorite of theirs.

Ft. Crawlins Police Dept.
Many of the police in Critter County have at one time or another have developed a healthy respect - or fear - of 86711 Prospect Blvd.

Bridget Vulpa, nee Smith/Jones/Brown/Anderson/etc.
She's Red Fluffle's natural mother, and frankly that's about the only good thing we have to say about her. Possibly has a job; we didn't ask and don't actually want to know.

Fifi Ramachandran, MD
No, not the neurologist; Fifi specializes in fur and skin, and her analysis can tend to be a bit 'insensitive' where particular aspects of animal behaviour is concerned.

The Musties
Badger, Woolverine, Oughter, Wheezel, Fairet, Pine Martin and Scotted Spunk fled Homonymia to escape the persecution of the bug warlords and took up residence in Frye's house, the mustiest place they could find. With the liberation of Homonymia, they were able to return home.

Madame Cheetah
All of Homonymia knows that wise old Madame Cheetah can predict the future. The fact is, she has all of the books and reads them ahead of time. She got the idea from Piers Anthony.

Shawn Gili, AKA Dr. Seal
The leading medical professional in the land of Homonymia who specializes in thaumaturgical maladies. As a selkie, his enchanted skins allow him to change from human form to seal form, and anything in between. Mislaid skins can therefore create potential problems of their own.

Stampson Cyclops
Stampson is the champion-protector of Homonymia, who was badly wounded when the bug warlords took over, for while his feet proved amazingly effective weapons against the bug armies, they also proved to be vulnerable to stingers.

Once a member of the cananite pantheon, Shin took up residence in Homonymia where he placed several of his sub-personalities into the bodies of local insects, terrorizing the entire dimension. Shin was last seen locked in combat with Lenny of "Wild Angels".

Ted "Turk" Faham, MD
Turk works at the 'Little South Pole', a research station near McMurdo, where he patches up the frostbitten scientists.

Otar Blitzensohn
Used to be part of Santa's sled team, but was fired for incompetence. He's well suited to his new job driving buses across Antarctica, though; his skull is too thick for the cold to penetrate.

The Penguins
The natives of the south pole are often employed by the northern settlers as guides, trackers, domestic help, and now, the bulk of the work force in Frye's clothing factory.

The Skuas
Filthy, disgusting, garbage-eating seabird moochers native to Antarctica.

Britney Spears
A hardened bureaucrat, Britney is the social worker responsible for the welfare of children at the American settlements in Antarctica - that is, the few that are actually in McMurdo, with her in charge. Hates introducing herself for obvious reasons.

The Killer Roast
Don't ask.

Hey, it's us! The people who actually bring you this comic strip, including creator Brittany Greatbear (seen here as her character, Fnaire) Penciler Oren Otter, Inker Eala Dubh, Webmaster Caliroo Brownlee, and... all those other guys.