Temporal Omen

By Oren Otter and Xyie Fourseasons

Description: A spooky song with haunting ambience.

Genre: spooky

Release Date: September 30, 2007 (Original title: Temporal lament)


Filesize: 4.6M

Artist's Comments: From Oren: When Xyie handed me this melody line, immediately, a song started forming around it. I don't often go dark, but on this occasion, everything just flowed so smoothly, from the first accompanying instrument to the last sound effect. we both still feel that there's a lot that can still be done, though, and we're going to try creating completely new variations of the song in the future.
From Xyie: Time short is daunting. The song actually came more as a haunting thought of my imagination as pressures from things were coming down.

Temporal Omen

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