Otter Island


Songs by Oren

River, Sea, Marsh
This is a song I created simply to have more ottery music in the world. It is a celebration of the unity of three different varieties of otter. The song is played by Helene on the kelp fiddle, Blalok on the reedflute, Max on the conchflute, Amanda and Poof-poof on the rainsticks, Zarro on wood blocks, Tad on clanker and Kahuna on drum.

Otter Lullaby - Lyrics
I don't normally do lullabyes, as I don't like them myself, but this just seemed to beg to be written. The lyrics seem to me to be a lot brighter than most.

Otter Island Medley
This medley contains eleven melodies to celebrate the ten-and-a-half villages of Otter Island. See if you can guess which is which!

The Call of Otter Island
Blalok sings an ancient folk tune about the siren call of the Island.

Call of Otter Island-
Instrumental version

Tchee Jusuyaw - Lyrics
An Otter Island Christmas Carol

Festival sounds

These sounds were recorded during the annual all-island music and poetry festival. Please feel free to download them and use them. You can toss them into your favorite playlist and create your own otter island music fest.

Some of my recommendations to make your own otter music fest:

Otter Visit by Coyote Oldman
The River Otter Song by Oren Otter and Jesse Roo
Sea Otter Goes to Mountain by Gontiti
Oddilay-o by PB&J Otter
Ain't no Hole in the Washtub by Emmet Otter
Water Garden by Nature Songs
Me and My Sea Otter by some woman whose name I can't read
Otter Dance by Coyote Oldman
Otter Chase by unknown
Otter Dancing School by Pip and Pop
Otter Love by Pip and Pop
Sea Otter by Zion Train
OttersDance by DJ Vix-N
Wutwut Chorus by Oren Otter
Peaks of Otter by James L. Hosay
Otter's Holt by Joanie Madden

Festival sounds

Tak's poem

Blalok's class

Fgori comments to Zarro

Jarna's song (listen at your own risk)

Kahuna does badly with Clamdrop

A song by the pups

It starts to rain

Chit-chat from the festival.

Grant's martial arts demo